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Brand Name: Ner Mitzvah

Ner Mitzvah

About Ner Mitzvah Candle Company
Bringing Light to Jewish Homes for Over 60 Years. It began just after World War II with a small card delivered to families in the old Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. "Enclosed is a havdallah candle made from beeswax as well as eight Chanukah candles made from beeswax. If you please, I ask you to send as much as you can afford to pay." A small handful of customers has grown since then, with the help of Hashem, into the most well-known and respected supplier of candles, oil lamps, chanukiahs, and related Judaica in the world. Today Ner Mitzvah is the manufacturer of many Judaica Products including for year round - Shabbos Candles, Besomim, Shabbos Lamp Oil, Candle Holders, Neronim, Olive Oil, Travel Candles, Havdallah Candles, Yahrtzeit Candles. For Chanukah they manufacture - Chanukah Candles, Dreidels, Menorahs, Oil Cups, Prefilled Oil Cups, Wicks and Accessories, New and exciting Izzy and dizzy cards game, Chocolate Gelt and More. For Pesach they manufacture Bedikas Chometz kits, Kashering Sets, Matzah Stands, Seder Candles, Seder Plates, Washing Cups and more. They also manufacture Aluminum Wicks, Cotton Wicks, Floating Wicks, Tzinores and Refills, Wonder Wick Holders, Tzinores Hameshubach and More. What hasn't changed from their humble beginnings is their commitment to offer their clients the best selection of products at the highest quality. Ner Mitzvah is a family owned business to this day, and still offers personal customer service to each of their customers. Today Ner Mitzvah manufactures their own beeswax candles in their New York factory, and bottle their own premium olive oil - painstakingly chosen for long and smokeless burning. They continually search the world for the highest quality materials and unique products you just don't find anywhere else. Ner Mitzvah strives to make their products safe with designs developed from years of testing and experience. After all, Ner Mitzvah doesn't just sell candles.... they bring joy and warmth to Jewish homes around the globe.


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