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Brand Name: Lechaim Productions

Lechaim Productions

Lechaim Productions is a leading provider of kosher entertainment and education for the heimishe community and beyond since 1982.

We’ve been recognized as a dynamic powerhouse in the Jewish music, publishing Kosher Comics for Jewish Kids, and recreation industries as the company to raise the bar with original and creative innovations ever since.

Under the leadership of our founder and CEO, Rav Yoseph Moshe Kahana, who recognized the need for Jewish themed entertainment early on, and has made it his life’s mission to provide the community with the very best.Our name is trusted by thousands of families throughout the world.

In 1994, Lechaim opened its music division, bringing to its listeners a warm and hartzig brand of Yiddish music, reminiscent of the beloved and classic Chassidic nigunim of old. Starting with our best selling Lchaim Tish series, we have released hundreds of successful albums.

Over the years, Lechaim has introduced to the public some of the Jewish music industry’s most celebrated vocalists, including Arele Samet, Levi Falkowitz, and many others.  We are also proud to have revived and popularized many of the timeless stirring Chassidic melodies of Belz, Vizhnitz, of long ago.

In 1999, Rav Kahana saw the need for an education and entertainment division at Lechaim and was determined to provide quality Jewish themed toys and books to the community.  Today, our huge and diverse collection offers dozens of choices appropriate for all ages, providing hours of recreational entertainment for every member of the family.

Lechaim Productions continues to grow as we branch out into new areas of service. "Yosef Moshe Kahana showed the production world that even modern listeners connect to “tish” music — that unmistakable sound that fills the soul and replenishes the body like a good cup of warm tea."

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