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Israel Book Shop

About Israel Bookshop Publications, Israel Bookshop Publications is a full-service publisher and distributor of Judaica oriented books and products to the wholesale and retail markets. Our Beginnings - Towards the end of the year 1957, a small Judaica store opened up in Brookline, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. Besides for selling Jewish books, the store offered typewriters, postage stamps – "anything we could sell to help pay the rent!” in the words of Mr. Eli Dovek, founder and proprietor of the bookstore. As the business grew and grew, Mr. Dovek began distributing a wholesale line of books, helping publishers reach the broader Judaica market. This, too, was successful, and Israel Book Shop became known for its honesty, integrity and customer service. In 1997, Israel Bookshop Publications opened up its doors in Lakewood, NJ, in order to focus exclusively on publishing and wholesale distribution. Since then, the company has grown exponentially, more than quadrupling its product line in the first several years of operation. From a handful of staple products, we now carry a full line of hundreds of wide-ranging and varied titles: from texts to translations, reading books to inspirational titles, children’s books, Halacha books, cookbooks – you name it, it’s in here! The Present - Israel Bookshop has, thank G-d, become a familiar and recognized name in the Jewish book industry and is the publisher of choice for discerning authors as well as readers looking for quality literature for themselves and their families. With a staff of editors, proofreaders, designers as well as sales personnel and marketers, we are ready and able to shepherd your book project from kernel of inspiration all the way through to publication and placement in bookstores throughout the world. Readers know that we embrace a variety of viewpoints and the book genres we offer range from serious, scholastic texts and study aids to humorous and light-reading material – and everything in between! Children, teens and adults delight in our colorful selection of books on every topic imaginable. Looking to the Future At Israel Bookshop, we look forward with anticipation to the future and the opportunities and challenges that it is sure to bring. As our motto suggests, we strive to be on The Next Page in Jewish Publishing at all times.

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