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The TechYidCo. Shabbos Safe Warming Tray’s patented design allows the end user a safe, dependable and durable way to keep their food warm on Shabbos and Yom Tov. It was designed by a Frum Electronic Engineering Technician with safety and Halachic compliance first in mind.

By placing the Stainless Steel Heating Element on the bottom panel of the chassis, causing all heat transfer to radiate upward through a blanket of air, the patented design mimics a traditional Jewish blech (covered fire).

This design allows your halachically permissible food to be warmed, but makes Halachic Bishul (cooking) difficult to attain. Food takes slightly longer to heat up, but does so in a Halachically kosher and safe way.

The Warming Tray is ETL Safety Certified and designed with over 5 individual safety features. TechYidCo. and Kosher Innovations are dedicated to providing Halachically certified and safe appliances so that you and your family can truly rest on Shabbos.

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