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Kodesh Press

Kodesh Press is dedicated to providing fine books of Jewish interest.  The publications will be a blend of scholarly and popular titles, but will always strive towards excellence in whichever genre of Judaism they are aimed. Kodesh Press will build strong and long-term relationships with each of its authors.  Collaboration throughout the preparation, marketing, and distribution of each title is a priority. It is the philosophy of Kodesh Press to serve the joint interest of author and publisher. The Press strives to nurture and strengthen these relationships, which are the most valuable asset that the Press possesses.Kodesh Press provides print versions and electronic versions as appropriate, to ensure the content is available in the format best suited to its audience.  Publicity and marketing will largely be through social media, and weblogs (“blogs”) of Jewish literary interest can cast a much wider net at significant savings compared to printed catalogues and telemarketing.  Eventually, the Press itself will develop a YouTube channel, which will post lectures, engagements, and discussions that its authors have delivered. The Press’s overall objective is to provide a spectrum of services to the author.  An author who chooses to publish with Kodesh Press will receive the due attention to make sure the technical aspects—like editing, layout, and cover design—are addressed, and the author will also have the post-publication services like marketing, publicity, and advertising provided as well.

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