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What is Yarmulka?

Also known as a yarmulke or skullcap, a kippah is a headcovering for Jews

A kippah (/kiˈpɑː/; Hebrew: כִּיפָּה, romanized: kipah, plural כִּיפּוֹת kipot), also called yarmulke (/ˈjɑːrməlkə/ (listen), also US: /ˈjɑːməkə/; Yiddish: יאַרמלקע, yarmlke German: Jarmulke, plural Jarmulken or koppel (Yiddish: קאפל kapl),), is a brimless cap, usually made of cloth, traditionally worn by Jewish males to fulfill the customary requirement that the head be covered. It is worn by all men in Orthodox communities during prayers and by most men at all other times. Among non-Orthodox communities, those who wear them customarily do so only during prayer, while attending a synagogue, or in other rituals.

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