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Jewish Jewelry | Star of David Necklace | Jewish Hamsa Necklace - Judaica Place


As the web's premier Jewish gift and bookstore, the Judaica Place also has an exciting array of Jewish jewelry available as well. You can find a wide range of beautiful pieces, including the classic Star of David necklace, Jewish Hamsa necklace, and Hebrew letter necklace that are all available at prices you will love.


You can choose the perfect Star of David necklace most suitable for your taste from the range of design styles here directly on our website. There are options in both gold and silver for you to choose from here at Judaica Place. You can find a simple Magen David pendant or you may prefer to choose one with an additional adornment. Some have colored stones embedded into the star, or a turquoise stone, there are even some beautiful pendants that combine the Star of David necklace with a Hamsa as well.


If you may prefer a Jewish Hamsa necklace without the Magen David, there are other high quality designs and craftsmanship for these pendants too. There is a unique Jewish Hamsa necklace available in silver with delicate filigree design filling the Hamsa. This necklace also includes a subtle, yet striking, collection of stones placed within the Hamsa's filigree. If something with more color is what you prefer, there is also a Hamsa available in turquoise.


There is also an array of designs of individual Hebrew letters. These necklaces make wonderful gifts, you can easily select the first letter of the recipient's Hebrew name, or for something really special, the pendants are small enough to string all the letter pendants on a single chain to spell out an entire name. There are designs of just the letter or the letter set in a heart shaped pendant. For you to choose from, available at amazing prices, this Jewish jewelry makes an ideal present without breaking the bank.


Other necklace pendant options include menorahs, glass hearts, engraved Shemas, and other purely decorative pieces of Jewish jewelry to choose from.


As lovely as the array of necklaces is, there is a full range of Jewish jewelry available here at Judaica Place. This includes bracelets, rings, earrings, and red string jewelry, all with a Jewish inspiration. Some of the Jewish inspired bracelets are red string bracelets with either a Magen David or hamsa charm. There is also a beautiful bracelet with a pendant with the Shema written on it available in a selection of colors. The rings and earrings available at Judaica Place are silver designs, both modern and traditional. Take a look at the selection and order online or in store today.


Jewish Jewelry is more than just jewelry, it represents Jewish pride and here at Judaica place we are proud of our extensive Jewish jewelry section, with a dedicated team of experts ensuring high quality jewelry is available to you for amazing affordable prices. We import our carefully selected Jewish jewelry from Israel to ensure that the jewelry is authentic and of high quality.


As the Star of David is the symbol of Judaism, we have an extensive selection of Star of David necklaces and Hamsa necklaces for you to choose from with a huge range of different colors, materials and sizes that will best suit your own personal preferences. Take a look at our collection of Star of David necklaces and Hamsa necklaces today online or in store.


Jewish necklaces make great gifts, take a look at our fantastic range of Hamsa Necklaces, and this range of Jewish necklaces is fantastic, and should be enjoyed by everybody. Jewish Necklaces makeare ideal gifts for all people and for all ages, so take a look at our selection online today and make sure you get the perfect Jewish necklace, for the perfect occasion, available here online or in store at Judaica Place!


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