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Brand Name: Moznaim Publishing

Moznaim Publishing

About Moznaim/Vagshal

Moznaim is a publisher and distributor of Jewish books since 1977.

Moznaim/Vagshal is known for the: Nardha Talmud, Yalkut Me’am Lo’ez, Torah Anthology (by Aryeh Kaplan), Mishnah Torah, and many more Hebrew and English titles.

Moznaim Publishing Corp/ Hotza’at Vagshal is of one of the worlds largest Sifrei Kodesh (Jewish Books) enterprises. Founded generations ago by Rabbi Chanoch Hanoch Eliezer Wagschal zt”l, the Israeli branch near Jerusalem publishes and prints all Vagshal (Hebrew) and Moznaim (other languages) Books and is the Israeli distributor. The American division Moznaim Publishing Corp. handles North American distribution and is a major bookstore in New York.

Moznaim publishes Jewish Books in English, Spanish, French and Russian. Among the hundreds of titles published over the last four decades are: the collected works of Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan zts”l, the complete Mishnah Torah in English Translation and Me’am Lo’ez the famous 17th century anthology of Rabbi Yaakov Kuli.

Hotza’s Vagshal has one of the largest presses and binderies in Israel. Vagshal are famous for the quality of their print and the beauty of their bindings not to mention the thought which goes into the design of each Sefer/Book, particularly our beautiful Shas, (Talmud Bavli).

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