Sefer Hamitzvos Rambam Hebrew English 2 Volume Set [Hardcover]

Brand: Moznaim Publishing
By: RAMBAM, Yosef Yitzchak Yarmush
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Despite Rambam’s attention to detail and order, there seems to be no clear reason for how he placed the commandments in the order that he did. We have, however, for the benefit of study and memory, compartmentalized the commandments into general categories.

The English translation is interpolated and there is additional explanation as well, all for the student to have context and easily understand what he or she is learning.

The Hebrew and English translation is on the same page side by side, so that the reader can easily move from Hebrew to English and vice versa in the flow of learning.

Additionally, we broke up the lengthy explanation of Rambam into smaller paragraphs so that the reader does not get confused by Rambam’s longwinded arguments and presentations.

Footnotes were included when there was text that needed additional explanation or when there was relevant information in the practicality or understanding of the nature of the commandment.

Binding: Hardcover
Language: Hebrew / English
Volumes: 2

Sefer Hamitzvos Rambam Hebrew English 2 Volume Set [Hardcover]
Mitzvos Asei and Mitzvos Lo Sa'aseh
Translated & Illustrated by: Yosef Yitzchak Yarmush

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