How to become an Affiliate School

What is the School Affiliate Program?

Judaica Place’s exclusive School Affiliate Program provides a complete listing of your school seforim, by grade. For parents who shop online, this is the perfect solution to buying school seforim: easy-to-find, low prices, and everything's in stock!

Why should my school join?

• Save the school the cost of buying seforim. Become an affiliate and your parents can get their seforim at low prices, in one convenient place.
• Every child comes to school prepared on the first day of school, ready with the correct seforim, as approved by their teachers and principal.
• Eliminates parents calling the school to find out which titles to purchase.
• Parents love it because they know exactly what titles they need to purchase. This helps them avoid the frustration of buying the wrong titles and needing to return them.
• This list will be available throughout the year for purchase anytime.


Tell your school about the School Affiliate Program!

How does the School Affiliate Program work?

Use the form below to send us your school seforim list, your school logo, and a picture of your school. We'll contact you to to review the school list to assure we have all your titles listed correctly.

After receiving your school information, we will create an easy-to-use Affiliate School listing for your school. This will be organized by grade so your parents and students can easily access the seforim they need. It will also include a link directly to your school seforim list for convenience.

Once you've approved your school listing, we'll send you a ready-made email for you to forward to parents.
It usually takes about a week to get up and running for parents to shop on your Affiliate School listing, so make sure to get set up early! Feel free to call or email us at for a quick demo.

How much does this program cost?

Becoming a School Affiliate with Judaica Place is totally FREE!

See a Sample School Listing

How do we sign up?

Here’s what we need from you. Then leave the rest to us!

Note: Please make sure you have all the information and files ready to fill out the form, because you can’t save it and come back later.

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