Chumash Bereishis Mikraos Gedolos Zecher Chanoch Small [Hardcover]

Brand: Moznaim Publishing
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Chumash Bereishis Mikraos Gedolos Zecher Chanoch Small [Hardcover]

Product Description
This is the classic Mikraos Gedolos Chumash, enhanced and completely redone. On the page is the standard Chumash, Targum Onkelos, Targum Yonason, Targum Yerushalmi, Rashi, the complete Sifsei Chachomim, Toldos Ahron, Ba'al HaTurim, Ibn Ezra (with the commentary Avi Ezer), Rashbam, Ramban, Rosh, Da'as Zekinim, Siporno and Chizkuni. Added to this edition on the page is the Toras HaRambam, which is the Rambam's commentary to the Chumash culled from his many works, and the Torah Temimah of Rabbi Baruch Epstein, which brings the interpretations of the Talmud and Midrash for each verse. Printed separately in the back is the commentaries of Kli Yakar and Ohr Hachaim HaKadosh (with the commentary of Birchas Shimon and other notes).

Binding: Hardcover
Language: Hebrew
Size: 8.5" x 6"

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