Sandstorms [Hardcover]

Brand: Lechaim Productions
By: A. Neibaum, T. Katz
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Suddenly, the door opened. Father felt his body tremble. Chananel was standing right there. "Chananel! We were just talking about you. I wish the geulah from Mitzrayim would come as fast as you came home!" "I am not Chananel!" the boy said.

"Oh my!" Chananel put both hands on his ears. Boom! Boom! Boom! What was that noise? Chananel couldn't take it anymore. "Yotam, can you take me home? Oh no! People are falling! Everything's falling. Why did I have to leave Yotam's house now?" "Aminadav says that Yotam is not a good influence on me. How can that be if he is so good to me?" Chananel's entire body trembled uncontrollably. His heart felt torn in a thousand directions. "I must get to Goshen and speak to Aminadav right away!"

Who is Chananel?
How did he disappear from home?
Why is he with Yotam, a wealthy man buying friendship with the Egyptians?
Will Chananel choose to follow the path of emunah in Hashem and follow His servant Moshe? Will he merit leaving Mitzrayim?

Sandstorms bring to life the stormy experiences of Galus Mitzrayim and strengthens the foundation of emunah in you heart.

A fabulous Pesach story book.

Binding: Hardcover
Size: 9.75" x 13.5"
Pages: 60

Sandstorms [Hardcover]
Chananel's Turbulent Experience in Mitzrayim
By: A. Neubaum
Illustrated by: T. Katz

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