Women's Siddur Ohel Sarah Hebrew English Klein Edition Full Size Antique Leather Sefard

By: Dovid Weinberger, Avrohom Biderman
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This item is part of Women's Prayerbooks.
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In the spirit of the traditional "Korban Minchah" Siddur, the unique Siddur used by Jewish Women for generations - we proudly present, The Klein Edition Siddur Ohel Sarah The Women's Siddur.

As a woman why would YOU want this Siddur?
You get all the benefits of the Classic Hebrew/English ArtScroll Siddur plus all these great additions:
An inspiring new Overview by Rabbi Nosson Scherman
Integrated Halachic sections and instructions for women
Women's Halachic guidelines for Shabbos and Yom Tov candle lighting, separating challah, Kiddush, Havdalah and much more...
Additional hard-to-find prayers NOT found in a regular Siddur, including prayers for:
Shidduchim, Wedding day, Pregnancy and childbirth, Raising Children, When visiting Holy places in Israel, Perek Shirah and Iggeres HaRamban - with English translation.
The entire Tehillim/Psalms in an easy-to- read font size.
The perfect gift for a Bas Mitzvah, Kallah, graduate, etc.

Heirloom edition: Printed on acid-free paper that will not yellow. Side-sewn and ultra-reinforced for generations of use.

Binding: Antique Leather
Size: 5.25" x 8.25"
Pages: 1078
Nusach: Sefard
Publisher: ArtScroll Mesorah Publications

Women's Siddur Ohel Sarah Hebrew English Klein Edition Full Size Antique Leather Sefard
By: Rabbi Dovid Weinberger
Edited by: Rabbi Avrohom Biderman

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