Visual Introduction to Gemara [Hardcover]

Brand: C.I.S. Publishers
By: Yehuda Adelist
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Why Gemara? How was the Gemara created? Who is the Gemara's narrator? Who is the author of Tosafos? Why the 'Vilna Shas'? This and much much more!

The Visual Introduction to Gemara For Young And Old is a must read for anyone who studies the Talmud. Learn how Torah Shebaal Peh developed from Har Sinai through the Sanhedrin to the circumstances leading to the recording of the Mishnah and the Gemara. Then travel on a journey through the history of the Talmud until modern times.

The Visual Introduction to the Gemara is a visual presentation containing the history and makeup of the Talmud in story format with clear examples, a photo essay with discussion supported by rare photographs, charts and a wealth of information.

The Visual Introduction to Gemara makes Gemara a positive experience and will no doubt be an eye opener for all students of Gemara even for those already familiar with Gemara, both children and adults.

Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 190
Language: Hebrew / English
ISBN-10: 10: 1-944605-24-X
ISBN-13: 9781944605247

Visual Introduction to Gemara [Hardcover]
Torah Shebaal Peh From Har Sinai Until Today
By: Rabbi Yehuda D. Adelist

ISBN 9781944605285

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