Toras Olam HaNistar [Paperback]

By: Yair Chen
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This book deals with the secrets of number theory and letters, gematria, according to Kabbalah, and presents in great detail the cards of light which are the simplest and most reliable means of connecting to the secrets of Kabbalah. The author deals in his book with the power of numbers, the importance of the date of birth, the meaning of the different colors in our lives. Extensive chapters deal with love and relationships, dreams and their impact on our lives and connection - Kabbalistic meditation - to objects.

This book reveals many initial and unusual secrets of Kabbalah about the 72 names of God, about good and bad days in the Hebrew calendar and amulets.

Yair Chen "opens the cards" in this book, and does not hide anything - from his personal story and the way in which the knowledge was discovered and came to his life, to the hidden knowledge in the hands of the Kabbalists who studied the books of Kabbalah.

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 256
Language: Hebrew

Toras Olam HaNistar [Paperback]
By: Yair Chen

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