The Unknown Kallah [Paperback]

By: Eli Davidowitz
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The Unknown Kallah is a parody of an unknown caller who asks questions about a potential kallah who is unknown, or has a potential kallah for the unknown. It is categorized as humor with a hint of mussar. If you don't understand the humor, and won't take the mussar, then this is the perfect guide for you.

"Should I pick up this unknown kallah?"
-Freddy Friedman

"It's dark and lonely down here."
-Avrohom Fried

"Too much questions."
-Noam Rudish

-Yeshiva World

"Agent emes, is that you?"
-Uncle Evil

"It's a great guide."
-Chanshi Cookakugel

"I pashut saw it in my kids bathroom, but it's mamish gevaldik!"
-Rabbi Kichel

"I'm actually upset that I didn't think of doing this first."
-Mordechai Schmutter

"Saying good, say better."
-Don Lerner

"Shnooky! Quick! Press the leitzanus button!"
-Dr. Middos

"Who gave this thing a hafgana?"
-Pinchos Lurkowitz

"All I want to know is if she is Jewish."
-Simple Simon

Binding: Paperback
Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 75
Language: English

The Unknown Kallah [Paperback]
1001 regarding - shidduchim* queries
By: Eli Davidowitz

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