The B.Y. Times Volume 14 Nechama on Strike! [Paperback]

Brand: Menucha Publishers
By: Leah Klein
Product ID: 9781614651772
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As student council president and honorary member of the B.Y. Times staff, Chinky feels snowed under with work. So when Pinky offers to help with the school’s Purim carnival, Chinky is grateful—at first. But soon some money is missing, and the finger of suspicion points at her very own twin!

As if that weren’t trouble enough, Nechama is plotting dark deeds of her own. After running the show all by herself while her friends enjoyed themselves in Switzerland and Israel, she hates having to take a back seat now. The way they keep talking about the trip only adds fuel to her fire. At last, Nechama makes up her mind: she’ll have her revenge!

Troubles often come in threes, and this time is no exception. Ilana Silver, that sunny sixth grader from California, may be leaving Bloomfield forever—unless her friends can do something about it. See how Ilana, the twins, and Nechama all find their way to a happy ending in Nechama on Strike!

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 152
ISBN: 9781614651772

The B.Y. Times Volume 14 Nechama on Strike! [Paperback]
By: Leah Klein

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