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The Book Of Amazing Facts And Feats #5 [Hardcover]

By Nattan Hurvitz

Product ID: 9781680253962

Brand: Feldheim Publishers

Series: Amazing Facts and Feats Series

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The Book Of Amazing Facts And Feats #5 [Hardcover]
The Creator's World And All That Fills It
By: Nattan Hurvitz
Illustrator: Aharon Yosef Hoffman

Product Description
How was origami, the Japanese art of folding paper, used to launch a telescope into space? / What instrument can be played without being touched or blown into? / Is there such a thing as Israeli food? / How did Bamba, Israel’s quintessential snack food, save babies’ lives? / Where is the million-dollar Fenn treasure buried? / Which neighborhood is actually a cemetery and how much do people there pay for rent? / How many people have died since the world was created? / Who is buried in the Taj Mahal? / Do flying squirrels actually fly? / What type of creature was named after former U.S. President Obama? / How do ants communicate with each other? / Do vampire bats really suck their victims’ blood? / How can a person shoot around a corner without revealing himself? / Is the Dead Sea really the saltiest lake in the world? / How was the Ramon Crater (pictured below) formed? / What countries can be seen from Mt. Hermon? / Where is the Well of Miriam located today? / What makes Hula Lake a popular tourist destination? / Where is the world’s biggest nuclear waste repository? / How did the American government choose to warn future generations to stay away from nuclear waste sites? / What is the goal of Earth Hour? / Why are paper bags not necessarily better than plastic ones? / How is China choosing to cope with the unbearable odor from local garbage dumps? / How much food is wasted by the average American? / How long does it take for plastic to decompose?

Find out about these and numerous other amazing facts, all accompanied by hundreds of incredible photographs, in a format appropriate for the Jewish home, in this, the fifth volume of Amazing Facts and Feats.

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Dimensions 8.5 x 11
ISBN 9781680253962
Illustrator Aharon Yosef Hoffman
Publisher Feldheim Publishers
Number of pages 160
Weight 2.5800 lbs.

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The Book Of Amazing Facts And Feats #5 [Hardcover]
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