The Aura of Shabbos [Hardcover]

Brand: ArtScroll Publications
By: Simcha Bunim Cohen
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A selection of relevant Erev Shabbos and Shabbos laws
By Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen

Product Description
Renowned posek and author Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen continues to illuminate and enrich our lives in this, his seventh volume on the laws of Shabbos observance.

In The Aura of Shabbos Rabbi Cohen examines the laws relating to Erev Shabbos, Shabbos preparations, and how we should remember Shabbos even on a weekday.

Here are all the many halachic issues we encounter every week, explained with the clarity that has made his sefarim indispensable guides to tens of thousands: the best time to bathe and prepare for Shabbos, when to set our table, preparations that a woman in advanced stages of pregnancy should make before Shabbos, setting up timers for appliances, travel on Fridays.

Tefillah is an integral part of Shabbos observance, and Rabbi Cohen also explores both the halachos and the meaning of our Shabbos prayers, from Kabbalas Shabbos through Maariv of Motza'ei Shabbos.

Rabbi Cohen is especially well known for dealing with contemporary halachic issues, and The Aura of Shabbos includes a detailed look at maintaining websites on Shabbos and issues often encountered during hotel stays. Also included are brief guides to the laws of challah and tevilas keilim.

As in his other works, the halachos are set out clearly, concisely, and in an easy-to-follow manner, perfect for laymen and students, while the footnotes include extensive sources and background material, making this an invaluable resource for scholars and educators.

A deeply meaningful Shabbos encompasses and informs all the days of our week. The Aura of Shabbos shows us how to follow the halachah in bringing the sanctity of Shabbos's to all of our days.

ISBN-10: 142261431X
ISBN-13: 9781422614310
Binding: Hardcover / Pages: 330
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
Published: September 2013 by ArtScroll Mesorah Publications

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