Tehillim Medium Faux Leather Kaftor Maroon

Brand: Kaftor Judaica
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Tehillim Medium Faux Leather Kaftor Maroon

Product Description
SIZE 5 x 7 Medium size
BINDING - maroon leatherette cover with deluxe embossed design
CONTENTS - Complete Sefer Tehilim, Birchas Hamazon, Tefillos Haderech, and more.
PAGES - 285 carefully chosen papers. Not too white nor too yellow - for perfect contrast. Not too shiny nor too dull - for most fluent and easy reading
BOOKMARK - Decorative ribbon for convenient attached bookbark
LAYOUT - Hebrew text, clear and attractive layout
PERSONALIZE IT! Customize this Tehillim with your custom logo, monogram, or text to make this Tehilim an everlasting memory of your Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Shabbos gatthering, promotional gift, or any other event or Simcha
The Sefer Tehillim (psalms) has gone along with the Jewish nation for thousands of generations, always there to express the feeling of pain, longing, or entreaty. Tehillim, also known as "the songs of David" indeed is the songs that come out of the Jewish soul.

This Medium Tehillim is the ideal size for easy and fluent reading but not too heavy. What is remarkable about this Tehillim is the clarity and boldness. All text in this Tehillim is in Hebrew only. We carefully chose the font, paperweight, and color for this Tehillim for maximum fluency. The Sefer Tehillim is divided into 7 and 30 segments, so you can complete the entire Sefer Tehillim by the week or month.

Another great advantage of this large Tehillim is that it has a decorative ribbon to serve as an attached bookmark so you can always go back where you left off.

This Tehillim is bound in beautiful maroon laetherette cover, and is enhanced with a deluxe embossed design. Its cover is bound to attract anyone's eye and taste.

This Tehillim is a classic bencher for Jewish weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs favors. Customize and/or personalize this Tehillim/bencher for an everlasting favor of the wedding, bar/bat mitzvah or any other occasion, which your guest will cherish long after the memorial event. Customize this Tehillim with custom colors and styles to match your theme and decor. Personalize this Tehillim with your own logo or monogram for ultimate personalization.

For personalizing please call 718-677-0221.

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