Take Two [Hardcover]

Brand: Targum Press
By: Riva Pomerantz
Product ID: 9798888393826
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What’s wrong, Miri?” “I — I don’t even know!” Miri cried. “I just don’t even know!”
“Shhhhhh,” soothed Yocheved. “Tell me what’s going on. Why are you crying? You don’t
feel like the perfect balebuste? Your brownies flopped or something? I really hope you’re not bawling your eyes out over, like, the quiche falling in, or whatever…”
Miri shook her head miserably. “Aryeh is never home.”

Newlyweds Aryeh and Miri Kleinerman should really be the perfect couple; they both come
from prominent families and seem destined for a blissful life together. True, they’re polar
opposites — Aryeh’s the life of the party and Miri’s quiet and timid, but both have high
hopes for their future. Yet Aryeh’s mysterious behavior puts Miri on edge. Why is he
constantly distracted and hardly home? Doesn’t he care about their marriage?
This gripping novel explores the depth and breadth of our most significant relationships,
opening a rare window on the vivid, true-to-life realities of heartbreak, conflicting loyalties,
and intergenerational patterns that beg to be addressed.
In Take Two, bestselling author Riva Pomerantz tells a compelling story about complex
people and the amorphous lines that crisscross their shared lives, creating chaos, confusion,
and chasms. Can Aryeh and Miri unite to rewrite the parameters of their marriage, and can
they gather the courage to “take two” and give each other a second chance?

Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 456
Language: English
Reading age: 12 years and up
Publisher: Targum Press
ISBN: 9798888393826

Take Two [Hardcover]
By: Riva Pomerantz

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