Songs for Pirkei Avos DVD

Brand: Aderet Music
By: Cheryle Knobel
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Songs For Pirkei Avos DVD
by Six Thirteen Torah Avenue (Main)

The torah Avenue series continues with this new combination of live action and animated characters. 613 Torah Avenue songs for Pirkei Avos (ethics of our fathers) focuses on everyday morals & ethics. Children of any age can relate to the humorous dialogue while the songs highlight practical guidelines for everyday life.

1. Time To Learn
2. Im Ein Ani Li
3. Al Shlosha Devarim
4. Al Tadin
5. Hevei Zahir
6. Kol Shema-Sav Merubim
7. Eizehu Chacham
8. Al Tistakeil B'kankan..
9. Hevei Az Kanameir
10. Lefum Tzaara Agra
11. Ein Lcha Ben Chorin..
12. Halomeid Meichaveiro

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