Shabbos Secrets Volume 2 [Hardcover]

Brand: Israel Book Shop
By: Dovid Meisels
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Shabbos Secrets Volume 2
By Rabbi Dovid Meisels

Product Description
In what order does one kindle the Shabbos candles? What are the different ways to hold the kiddush cup? Why? What is the significance of the traditional Shabbos foods like cholent and kugel? What does the "holiness of Shabbos" mean in real life? Questions such as these and hundreds more, abound in this one-of-a-kind book. You will discover the beauty and the inner meaning of our once a week 'day of rest', which is often misconstrued as a day of 'do and don'ts.' 192 color photos of every conceivable type of Shabbos food and custom make this volume a 'must have' as well as a perfect Shabbos gift.
A book that has quickly become a classic. Filled with amazing color photos of exotic Shabbos foods and minhagim. Shabbos is filled with fascinating rituals, traditions, and customs that have been practiced throughout the generations. It is through painstaking attention to every detail of these customs that we capture the true spirit of Shabbos. This book will open your eyes to another world, one that we are privileged to visit every week. The essence of Shabbos is here. It is up to us to find it.
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384 pages
Publisher: Israel Book Shop (January 2003)
Binding: Hardcover

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