Sefer Maggid Harakiyah Shemos [Hardcover]

By: Daniel Yaakov Glatstein
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48 Ma'amorim on Sefer Shemos.

Rav Daniel Glatstein shlita and his seforim are a perfect portrait of what Torah machshavah is meant to be. He demonstrates an uncanny ability to produce novel thoughts and ideas that you were unaware of previously, but when you see his sources – you wonder to yourself how it is that you never explored his idea before. It is clearly and undeniably textually compelling within his sources. The insights were there plain as could be all along – we just missed them entirely, apparently.

With his previous seforim, we have seen how he brings to life the central motifs of each of the Yomim Tovim – of Purim, Pesach, of the entire month of Nissan and its themes of Geulah. And in these parshios of the beginning of Bereishis, we are treated similarly.

Rav Glatstein carefully walks us through sefer Shemos. He begins with various discoveries, questions and or inconsistencies in the text. He uncovers answers and through the answers we discover lessons we can all learn .

How does he do it? Rabbi Glatstein’s unique marshalling of the full gamut of Torah sources to prove his points allow him to unfold these latent thoughts and understandings. Rabbi Glatstein probes and prods further. Why should this be so? How does it work?

Rabbi Glatstein’s sefer on Chumash shemot is filled with eye-opening maamarim of such inspirational insights that every single page is an adventure. Where is he going?, – we ask. It is not really a roller coaster, because we are led by a man of pure Torah thought, so we are confident. At the same time, there are twists and turns and the end result is that each maamar is capable of remarkable insight and inspiration.

It is no wonder that Rabbi Glatstein’s tapes and lectures have enjoyed such widespread popularity. He has authored other seforim as well, “Maggid HaRakiah on Adar and Purim”, “Maggid Harakiah on Pesach and Nissan”, and Eloka d’meir Aneini

About the Author:
Rabbi Glatstein is the Rav of Kehilas Tiferes Mordechai in Cedarhurst.
He has authored four popular Artscroll books.

Binding: Hardcover
Size: 7.25" x 10.25"
Pages: 662
Language: Hebrew
Publisher: Machon Aleh Zayis

Sefer Maggid Harakiyah Shemos [Hardcover]
By: Rabbi Daniel Yaakov Glatstein

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