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Encyclopedia Talmudis Hebrew Edition

אנציקלופדיה תלמודית

About Encyclopedia Talmudit:

Starting in 2006 the Talmudic encyclopedia has been directed by Rabbi Professor Avraham Steinberg. Professor Steinberg leas and directs the Talmudic Encyclopedia with new energy by taking advantage of computer capability and modern technology in order to channel the communication between Torah scholars and the editors, and to shorten the technical process of writing.

Beginning in 2013 there was a revolution in the administration of the Talmudic Encyclopedia thanks to the generous contribution of Mr. Dov Friedberg, and the brave partnership – both in terms of ideas as well as finances- with the Toronto friends.

As a result of this partnership significant changes came about in the work of the Talmudic Encyclopedia:

The Dov Friedberg Beit Midrash for teaching Torah writing was opened. This unique Beit Midrash, headed by HaRav Sa’ar Meisel, trains new writers in a special way and with relative speed.

The Encyclopedia expanded the number of writers, editors and reviewers.

The Encyclopedia reorganized in a cluster form, where each cluster is headed by a senior editor, and four young writers and a reviewer work under him. HaRav M. Shmuelevitz directs the entire project.

This combination of changes in the last decade has led to unprecedented increased momentum in the speed of writing Talmudic Encyclopedia entries and publishing new volumes. This has in no way harmed the outstanding quality of the work.

These advanced revolutionary steps have made it possible for the Encyclopedia to set the goal of completing the entire project by 2024.

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