Rabbi Aaron Brafman [Hardcover]

Brand: ArtScroll Publications
By: Shimon Finkelman, Nosson Scherman
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Where Ahavah and Emes Meet: A Life to Learn From

“He lived and breathed kevod Shamayim and kevod habriyos and accomplished everything ... quietly, without fanfare.”—Rabbi Eytan Feiner
“So, doctor, my brother has an especially huge heart … right?” Rabbi Aaron Brafman’s brother, famed attorney Ben Brafman, said to a cardiologist after Rabbi Brafman’s heart surgery “Rabbi Brafman never chose to do what was easy for him. He loved his talmidim with all his heart and looked to do what was best for each one.” – a talmid’s memory

Rabbi Aaron Brafman was the much-beloved and revered menahel of Yeshiva of Far Rockaway. He was also a respected author and a dedicated askan. But more: He was a man who loved every Jew, who saw potential where others saw failure. In the words of a talmid, he was a man “who lived and breathed Klal Yisrael; whose days were filled with Torah and maasim tovim ... and most of all, who epitomized the term ‘rebbi.’”

This is the compelling story of a guide and teacher who blended greatness and modesty, piety and humor, a deep aversion to anything not “emes” with an amazing ability to see the good in all. As we read one unique story after another, we’ll see why talmidim adored him, friends revered him, and his entire community felt fortunate to have him in their midst. And we will discover what a difference a great rebbi can make.

Binding: Hardcover
Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 404
Language: English
Published By: ArtScroll Mesorah Publications
Release Date: 05/31/2023
ISBN-10: 142263812X
ISBN #: 9781422638125

Rabbi Aaron Brafman [Hardcover]
His great heart uplifted his talmidim and community, and embraced Klal Yisrael
By: Rabbi Shimon Finkelman and Rabbi Nosson Scherman

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