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Q & A with Rifka Schonfeld [Hardcover]

Q & A with Rifka Schonfeld [Hardcover]

By Rifka Schonfeld

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Q & A with Rifka Schonfeld [Hardcover]
The Answers You Need For A Happier And More Productive Life
By: Rifka Schonfeld

Product Description
What can I do to get my teenager off the phone so that I can have a real conversation with her?
What are some strategies to help my son overcome social issues at school?
There's never enough time in the day! How do I get everything done?
Why does my teenager become so frustrated all the time?
Are there any strategies you can offer to help with ADHD?
With all that I juggle at work and home, what are some ways I can manage my stress levels?
My child is going to sleep-away camp. What can I do to help ensure she has a great experience?
How do I instill a positive attitude in my teenage children?
Are there some strategies you can offer to my becoming a better parent and spouse?
How do I get my child to become a better reader?
How do I prepare my children (and myself) for the shidduch parsha?


"Mrs. Schonfeld has been the leader in shedding light on strategies for self-improvement and for dealing with the challenges that students often deal with."

-Rabbi Shmuel Yaakov Klein, Director, Torah Umesorah

"This insightful and informative book offers down-to-earth advice and guidance on a wide range of parenting questions about learning disabilities, self-esteem, anxiety, anger management, social communication, bullying and other challenges."

-Dr. Paul Foxman, Ph.D
Director, Vermont Center for Anxiety Care; Author of the Worried Child (2003), Dancing with Fear (2007), The Clinician's Guide to Anxiety Disorders in Kids and Teens (2017)

"Her understanding and empathy of the problems faced by the individuals who have written to her are apparent on every page of her book. Her nonjudgmental, caring viewpoint serves to lessen feelings of defensiveness and makes it easier for the reader to incorporate and apply her insights and recommendations."

-Dr. Robert Brooks, Ph.D, Faculty, Harvard Medical School

Co-Author: Raising Resilient Children; Raising a Self-Disciplined Child; And The Power of Resilience: Achieving Balance, Confidence, And Personal Strength in your Life

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ISBN 9781680254020
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Q & A with Rifka Schonfeld [Hardcover]
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