Perfect Matches - The Interactive Jewish Dating Game

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Perfect Matches - The Interactive Jewish Dating Game

Product Description
Play ON a date, BEFORE a date or at an EVENT
For Singles, Engaged or Married Couples
Or play with absolutely anyone !!
Discover your Bashert by asking & answering the right kind of questions

For 2 players on a date or a ‘date night’,
For those preparing for a date, at a party or an event,
or play with absolutely anyone!

1 board
1 mini car
1 die
4 sets of cards
(totaling 500 cards) in a "match box"
2 sets of instructions

The players should sit opposite each other on either side of the board or on the same side with the ability to address each other directly and make eye contact. Ladies always go first. The mini car starts at the START box and moves in the direction of the arrows. The first player throws the die and moves the number of spaces accordingly. That player then follows the directions printed on the space they land upon.

For a new relationship, it’s recommended to use the black ICEBREAKER cards.

As the relationship progresses, it’s recommended to use the blue GETTING TO KNOW YOU cards.

When you’re ready to go to the next level, it’s recommended to use the red SERIOUSLY? cards.

The fourth pack of cards (green) is for those dates with partners who have been PREVIOUSLY MARRIED and should be used in addition to the other packages of cards. Of course, you can use the cards in any creative way you wish.

When the space reads “Pick one (or 2 or 3) card(s)” the player should do so from the appropriate pack and read it out loud. The question on the card is for him or her to answer. Keep in mind the tips on the INTRODUCTION sheet accompanying this game. There is no time limit on answers. Some will lead to discussion, others may not. When the player has finished answering the question, he or she should put the card in their own private pile but keep it handy. They will need that pile soon. After answering, it’s the next player’s turn and he or she throws the die. They then continue to move the car from the previous space to the appropriate space and follow those directions as above. If a question is not applicable, the players should agree to pass.

WHEN THE CAR LANDS ON A DATE LOCATION, both players are to pick up the pile of cards which they’ve already answered and SWITCH with their partner. Each player should now answer each of the other person’s questions. Start with the player who just moved the car. When both players have answered all of each other’s questions, discard those cards back into the box. They will not be used again in this game.

This route of play continues until the car reaches the end of the board, at which time the car returns to START and the game continues. Keep playing until both players are exhausted. Remember where you were up to so that you can continue on the next date!

What else can we say? We hope you BOTH WIN !!!!


A brand new concept in discovering who you really are, what you really need and who your Bashert may be…


You can play it ON a date – You can play it with your friends or family BEFORE a date – You can play it at a party or an event. Even Engaged or Old Married couples will benefit from playing this game. You can play for an hour – a week – a month or more. You can play if you met on a plane or if you were “set up”. Amateur matchmakers and professional shadchanim are recommending it to everyone!

There are 500 pretested questions on three different levels of relationships and a small folding game board in a black box – perfect for taking anywhere, inconspicuously. The questions are often funny, sometimes a bit shocking but always target the goal. Secular topics alternate with Jewish ones.

“How long do you wait between Meat/Fleishig/B’sari and Milk/Milichig/Chalavi?”

“What would you do if you had to entertain a five year old for a day?”

“How do you feel about a wife making more money than her husband?”

(We don’t want to give all the questions away.) There’s even an extra package of questions just for those previously married.

Buy it for yourself, your friends, your adult children, your parents, your co-workers. It makes a great gift for any occasion or no occasion at all. Play it over and over again with different people. You’ll never expect the responses you’ll hear! Reverse the process and try to guess what your partner will answer. And listen closely to those answers. Listen closely to your own answers. Hundreds and hundreds of topics will be brought up. You may finally get to discover your partner’s deepest secrets and just how he or she will react in dozens of different scenarios. If you’re single, better now, before it’s too late… Did I hear someone say that playing with matches was dangerous ??? No. Never play with matches… play PERFECT MATCHES !

PERFECT MATCHES can be purchased online at It’s been tested and endorsed by Rabbi Eytan and Rebbetzin Aviva Feiner of Cong. Kneseth Israel (The White Shul) in Far Rockaway, NY, by Rabbi David and Mrs. Debbie Greenblatt, Senior Lecturers for the Gateways Organization, creators of Relationship Seminars for Singles, and by international shadchanim and frum dating coaches around the country.


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