Nach Mikraot Gedolot Chorev Sefer Melachim [Hardcover]

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This item is part of Nach Mikraot Gedolot Chorev.
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Nach Mikraot Gedolot Chorev Sefer Melachim [Hardcover]

Product Description
Give the gift of quality Torah learning made simpler, with this completely vowelized, beautifully designed, large-print, easy-to-follow Nach. With each page meticulously set up to provide the most comfortable navigation, the Nach contains, aside from the text, the commentaries of Rashi, in vowelized Rashi script, Ikkar Sifsei Chachamim, Ba'al Haturim, Onkelos, and Toldos Aharon, all vowelized for ease of reading. Hebrew only.
Complete Nekudos in a new typeset.

Binding: Hardcover
Dimension: 7'' x 9.5''

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