My First Haggada Hebrew with Carrying Case [Foam Hardcover]

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A special Haggadah for Passover for preschoolers.

Passover night. The adults are busy with the Seder bowl, everyone is festive and excited, but what about the kids? Do they also share the atmosphere?
With the ' Passover Haggadah for preschoolers ', your child will also be able to feel part of the great joy and take part in the Seder meal.

The "Passover Haggadah for preschoolers" will accompany the child and introduce him to the Passover atmosphere
from the first stages of Passover, from checking chametz and burning chametz, signs of order, the four difficulties, the ten plagues to the end of the Haggadah "for next year in Jerusalem."
The Passover Haggadah for preschoolers will make accessible to the child the Seder meal packed with details and will make him stay more and more and more at the holiday table.

Each page is accompanied by eye-catching drawings, interesting and full of content, drawings that will give children a connection and interest to the Seder meal and the Haggadah.

The Haggadah is made of a soft material for the touch of the pages, colored, laminated and of excellent quality.

'Passover Haggadah for preschoolers' comes in a colorful and spectacular bag packaging. Suitable for the young age group and preschoolers.

Binding: Foam Hardcover
Size: 5.25" x 6.25"
Language: Hebrew

My First Haggada Hebrew with Carrying Case [Foam Hardcover]

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