Mishnah Kehati Hebrew Full Size Complete Set [Hardcover]

By: Pinchas Kehati
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This item is part of Mishnah Hebrew Kehati.
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Mishnah Kehati Hebrew Full Size Complete 13 Volume Set [Hardcover]

Product Description
Mishnah Hebrew Kehati with explanation of Rav Ovadiah Bartenura.

Binding: Hardcover
Size: 9.5" x 6.5"
Language: Hebrew
Set: 13 volumes

Mishnayos Hebrew Kehati Mishnayot Mevoarot Set
By: Pinchas Kehati

This is an excellent Hebrew commentary to the six books of the Mishna. The commentary is composed in easy to read Hebrew. It is very clear. It briefly incorporates the explanations of the Mishnas that are in the Talmud, and much more. The writing is logical and interesting. I used it and enjoyed it. It makes the Mishnas clear.

Mishnayot Kehati

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