Miracle At Sea and Other Stories [Hardcover]

Brand: Feldheim Publishers
By: Genendel Krohn, Tirtsa Pelleg
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This collection of stories from the winning combination of author Genendel Krohn and illustrator Tirtsa Pelleg is a treat for the whole family. Bringing the accounts of our Sages in the Talmud and Midrash vividly to life, Miracle At Sea is sure to entertain and inspire. Learn how far Rebbe Tarfun was willing to go to observe the mitzva of honoring one's parents, how Rebbe Chiya taught Rebbe Yehuda HaNasi a lesson in taking care with others' feelings, how Nikanor's desire to beautify the Bais HaMikdash was rewarded even after a storm took away his prized possessions, and so many more! This book is sure to instill good middos (character traits) and be enjoyed by children of all ages.

Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 55
Publisher: Feldheim Publishers
ISBN-10 : 1583308350
ISBN-13 : 978-1583308356

Miracle At Sea and Other Stories [Hardcover]
Timeless Tales from the Lives of Our Sages
By: Genendel Krohn
Illustrated by: Tirtsa Pelleg

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