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Landlord - Tenant In Halacha [Hardcover]

Landlord - Tenant In Halacha [Hardcover]

By Baruch Meir Levin

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Landlord and Tenant In Halacha [Hardcover]
A Practical Guide To The Halachos Pertaining To Residential Property Rentals
By: Baruch Meir Levin

Product Description
I am renting a house and the fixed term of my contract already passed. Do I need to give notice before terminating the lease?

Are there any limitations on raising my tenant's rent at the end of his lease term?

The air conditioning in our apartment broke and it took two weeks to be repaired. Are we entitled to a discount on the rent for that month?

One of my tenants are constantly disturbing another one of my tenants. Am I allowed to evict the disturbing tenant? Am I required to?

Is my tenant responsible for all damage that occurred in the apartment during his tenancy?

Does it make a difference if I have a security deposit?

I installed new carpeting and lighting in my rented apartment. At the end of the tenancy, am I entitled to some reimbursement from the landlord or the next tenant?

These are just some of the many halachic questions that arise with regard to property rentals. In this book, Rabbi Baruch Meir Levin explains the underlying concepts of these halachos in simple, plain English and applies them to modern day circumstances in a clear, organized and practical manner. The book also includes many psakim from contemporary poskim.

As in many areas of monetary halacha, the common accepted practice of the time will often affect the halacha. To this end, Rabbi Levin has done considerable research into current practices among landlords and tenants as well as the secular law in this field, and discusses their impact on the halacha.

LANDLORD-TENANT in HALACHA is an invaluable guide for landlords and tenants, as well as for the scholar pursuing the practical applications of these halachos.

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