Ketubah Antique Elegance Hebrew Only 2nd Marriage - Hebrew-English Personalization

Brand: Judaica Illuminations
By: Yonah Weinrib
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Ketubah Antique Elegance Hebrew Only 2nd Marriage - Hebrew-English Personalization

This classic traditional design depicts the ethereal beauty of Jerusalem in soft, air-brushed colors against the intricate filigreed background. The soft scalloped parchment design and gold stamping and embossing enhance the richness of the imagery.

This beautiful full-color reproduction of original ketubah designs by Rabbi Yonah Weinrib is enhanced by luxurious gold-stamping and embossing, and is signed by the artist.

Size 17"x22"

About the Artist

Rabbi Yonah Weinrib specializes in elaborate manuscript illumination, combining a wide array of art techniques and media to enhance his exacting calligraphy. An accomplished author as well as an artist, he has published volumes on Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, the Jewish wedding, Hallel, the Manuscript Shiron series (Grace After Meals), Megillat Esther and an internationally acclaimed edition of Pirkei Avot/Ethics of the Fathers. Rabbi Weinrib’s illuminations, designs and writings contain a fascinating interplay of artistic imagery and profound research based on traditional texts and sources, creating a "visual midrash."

Rabbi Weinrib has exhibited and lectured internationally, and has been commissioned to design presentation awards for numerous Jewish organizations, as well as heads of state. His work is found in prestigious museums, galleries and private collections around the world.

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