Illustrated Guide to Shabbos [Hardcover]

Brand: Feldheim Publishers
By: Zev Greenwald, Michoel Gonopolsky
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Illustrated Guide to Shabbos
Step-by-Step Guide to Shabbos Observance and the 39 Melachos
by Rabbi Ze'ev Greenwald

Product Description
This newly revised, one-volume English edition covers the halachos of Shabbos, with detailed illustrations and diagrams.
Section One goes step-by-step - from Friday afternoon Shabbos preparation through Saturday night Melaveh Malkah - teaching the laws and practices in an easy-to-understand manner.

Section Two explains the 39 melachos, as well as other activities to be refrained from on Shabbos.

Food preparation, housework, using appliances, and the laws of muktzeh are among the many topics covered. Based on the Shulchan Aruch and the Mishnah Berurah, here is the perfect user-friendly guide for those who want to strengthen their basic knowledge of Shabbos observance.

Translated form the the popular Hebrew Itturei Halachah series.

ISBN: 978-168025-251-4
Weight: 1.6940 lbs
Dimensions: 6x9
Published by: Feldheim
Illustrator: Michoel Gonopolsky

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