Hebrew Mishnah Shevi'is - Pocket Size

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Product ID: 9781422605370
This item is part of Ryzman Edition Hebrew Mishnah.
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Hebrew Mishnah Shevi'is - Pocket Size The Ryzman Edition

An unprecedented, timely, and invaluable undertaking The Ryzman Edition Mishnah Shevi’is with an enhanced hebrew translation and commentary

For the most thorough understanding of the mitzvah of Shemittah you can find anywhere

Newly set, accurate Hebrew text, fully punctuated and vowelized
New, flowing interpretative Hebrew translation
Full Hebrew text of R’ Ovadiah of Bertinoro’s classic commentary
Commentary provides depth, sweep and lucidity
Every phrase of the Mishnah is accounted for in the commentary; no need to refer back and forth from text to commentary
Practical Halachic implications of the Mishnah
How better to study the relevant laws of shemittah than with this new Hebrew commentary on Mishnah Shevi’is, complete with the laws of Shemittah? This new Hebrew edition also includes the commentary of R’ Ovadiah of Bertinoro [the Rav.]

And making it even more authoritative and useful the commentary and laws were composed in consultation with Jerusalem’s famed Kollel for Agricultural Halachah, directed by Rabbi Yosef Efrati and guided by Maran Rabbi Yosef Shalom Eliashiv shlita.

Throughout the work, there are digests of the practical halachah, as it is actually observed in Israel. The result is a sefer that presents the observance of Shmittah from the Torah’s commandment, through the Mishnah and poskim, all the way to the laws governing your trips to the store or restaurant.

Edited by Rabbi Pesach Goldman, one of the editors of the Hebrew Schottenstein Edition of the Talmud, this new Hebrew edition will be the definitive work of its kind for years to come.

ISBN-10: 142260537X
ISBN-13: 9781422605370
Binding: Hardcover
Dimensions: 4" x 6"
Published: by ArtScroll / Mesorah

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