Hadran Alach [Paperback]

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By: Moshe Boylan
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Hadran Alach [Paperback]
Siyumim in Halachah and Aggadah
By: Rabbi Moshe Boylan

Product Description
A siyum: one of the most beautiful celebrations a Jew can make. Whether one is finishing a masechta of Gemara, shishah sidrei mishnah, or perhaps all of Shas, what greater joy can there be than the emotional reciting of the words, "Hadran alach"?
In this remarkable yet succinct book, Rabbi Moshe Boylan explores the siyum celebration from a variety of angles.

- the halachos of making a siyum
- numerous remazim and gematrios pertaining to siyumim
- the origins of the world-famous Daf Yomi program
- many touching "siyum stories"

A siyum is a special event. Make it even more special by reading this highly-recommended guide!

Author: Rabbi Moshe Boylan
Dimensions: 6' X 9'
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 978-1-60091-747-9
Length: 96
Media: Book
Publisher: Israel Bookshop Publications

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