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The Kosher Lamp MAX Accessory

Product Description
Meet the Glow-Go, a non-electric disc that gives you a burst of light that can be moved on Shabbos and Yom Tov!
Unlike other Shabbos lights that stay put where you put them, the Glow-Go goes with you - where you want, when you want, with no issue(s) of muktza or melacha whatsoever.

No More:
Restrictive electric cords to limit your light
Cumbersome bulbs that require frequent changing
Safety concerns

With the Glow-Go, you can:
Move your light from place to place
Assemble your light in minutes with no bulbs or additional pieces required
Enjoy peace of mind knowing your Glow Go is chemical free and safe to touch with bare hands!
Ensure the highest halachic standards without compromising on convenience!

The Glow-Go is powered by your Kosher Lamp and will give you a burst of light that you can move on Shabbos!

This is the Shabbos light that has no issues of muktza whatsoever.

The Glow-Go is cordless and portable giving you the freedom to move it, carry it and take it to the darkest closet, drawer or shelf. Stop walking into that brightly lit bathroom in the middle of the night. No more pain and strain for your half closed sleepy eyes. Keep the electric light off and make that midnight visit with your Glow-Go in hand; a soft non-glaring light that will allow you to navigate safely and find your way back to bed.

And that’s not all. Your children will be thrilled when you convert your Glow-Go into a Shabbos-themed night light that will allow your children to take Shabbos to bed with them. Let your children choose between the warm glowing Shabbos candles, the beautiful ornate Kiddush cup or the tasty scrumptious challah night-lights. You can stand it on a table or hang it from a handle. More night light themes on the way. Shabbos no longer ends at the table!

About Glow-Go:
We here at Glow-Go Innovations are not strangers to the Judaica world. We have been involved in the development of other products for helping the observant Jew. One of our past products was the Kosher Compass.

The Glow-Go was inspired by the need to take something good and make it even better. We are motivated to find good products and make them work for us. Seeing that the Kosher Lamp has the benefit of turning it off and turning it on on Shabbos by twisting the inner sleeve, still, the light can only be utilized where you decide to put the lamp. The problem is that the Kosher Lamp as well as others, stay put, where you put it, and its light is not bright enough to light up your dark closets and drawers.

We were determined to find a light source that we can physically move. A light source that will enable us to take the Kosher Lamp’s light where we need it and without any concerns for the familiar problem of muktza. This became our challenge and motivation. This meant that the light could not have any source of electricity whatsoever.

We found our solution by utilizing the power of a natural earth mineral. We then housed it in a specially designed container that would fit the inside hollow of the Kosher Lamp. It would have to be measured precisely so that it would not block the lamp’s escaping heat.

We were excited with the results. A mobile light that was non-electric, no chemical reactions or charges and was bright enough to light up the darkest closet or drawer. You can even read with it.

But, we didn’t stop here. The Glow-Go will transform into a beautiful Shabbos-themed night light that will amaze your children when they go to bed every Shabbos night. Now, Shabbos doesn’t end at the table.

Dimensions: 9.45" × 4.5" × 2"

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