Gemara Sukkah Talman with Rif and Maharsha [Hardcover]

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New typesetting & clear print of the Gemara, Rashi, Tosfos & other commentaries appearing on the Daf with the original Vilna page layout. Bringing extra pleasure to learning!

- Includes peirush of the Rif & Maharsha
- Peirushim from Achronim
- Tosfos HaRosh
- Tosfei Tosfos
- Bold Rashi 'Divrei Hamaschil'
- Text translations based on Rishonim
- Cross references to relevant notes of Rashi in other areas of Shas and seforim
- Complete text of Pesukim referenced in the Gemara

Binding: Hardcover
Size: 9" x 12 1/4"
Language: Hebrew

Gemara Sukkah Talman with Rif and Maharsha [Hardcover]

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