Gateway to Judaism [Hardcover]

Brand: ArtScroll Publications
By: Mordechai Becher
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Gateway to Judaism: The What, How, and Why of Jewish Life
by Rabbi Mordechai Becher

Product Description
Questions are the gateways to knowledge. After years of responding to the queries of people from all walks of life, Rabbi Becher saw the need for a single volume that would explain the fundamentals of Jewish living; the philosophy behind Jewish tradition, along with practical explanations of how Jews actually live. Gateway to Judaism offers an engaging insider's look at the mindset, values, and practices of Judaism in the 21st century.

Some of the fascinating questions which Rabbi Becher addresses in Gateway to Judaism are:

In the age of modern conveniences do we really need a Sabbath?
What is Judaism's view on death and the afterlife?
Why is Judaism so full of laws?
Why should I pray? Does God really want to hear my complaints?
Can Judaism enhance my marriage?
What does Judaism say about raising and educating children?
Isn't circumcision just an ancient rite of initiation? What relevance does it have today?
Why is Israel so central to Judaism? Does a religion need a land?
How can I conduct a Passover Seder if I can barely read Hebrew?
Each chapter includes:

An overview and philosophical introduction to the topic, including rationale and sources
Practical laws and instructions
Extensive endnotes, which provide a valuable reference tool for scholars, teachers and students of Judaism
Vignettes of the lively Levy family demonstrate how these topics apply in daily life
Rabbi Becher demonstrates the relevance of Judaism's timeless principles and its ability to transform and elevate the individual, the family and the community. His book opens the door for the newcomer to Judaism, while at the same time providing new insights into its significance for those already familiar with the joy of Jewish living.

ISBN-10: 1422600300
ISBN-13: 9781422600306
Binding: Hardcover / Pages: 518
Dimensions: 6" x 9"
Published: by ArtScroll / Mesorah

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