Constants: 6 Mitzvos You Can Always Do [Hardcover]

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By: Tzadok Cable
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Constants: 6 Mitzvos You Can Always Do
By Tzadok Cable

Product Description
"The Six Constant Mitzvos," or "Shesh Mitzvos Temidios," refer to six unique commandments:

Anochi Hashem - belief in G-d;
Lo Yihyeh - there shall be no other gods;
Yichud Hashem - belief in the Oneness and Unity of Hashem;
Ahavas Hashem - love of Hashem;
Yiras Hashem - fear or awe of Hashem; and
Lo Sassuru - do not stray, following your desires.
These six concepts are not defined or limited by time or circumstance. They always apply. At a deeper level, they relate to the most fundamental Jewish ideas, form the core and very essence of Judaism, and inform the very purpose of our lives.

As we delve into them more deeply, it will become clear that the process of attaining growth and fulfillment through them is an ongoing process. How do we make them - and thus the fundamentals of Judaism - part of us?

This ground-breaking, easy-to-read, and life-changing book explores the essence of each of these ideas. Written by a respected talmid chacham and master educator, this incredible sefer expands our intellectual knowledge and changes our inner world.

About the Author :

Rabbi Tzadok Cable is originally from Miami, Florida. He moved to Israel in 1992 and has been immersed in Jewish learning ever since. He was head of the Rabbinical Ordination Program at Yeshivas Aish Hatorah from 2001-2013, and has also served as Rav of Kehillas Bnei Torah in Beitar Ilit, and as a senior educator in various Torah institutions. He has forged key relationships with some of the greatest Torah luminaries of the generation, among them Rav Noach Weinberg zt"l, Rav Yitzchak Berkowitz, shlita, Rav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg shlita, Rav Yirmiyahu Kagganoff, shlita, Rav Yonason Berger shlita, and Rav Daniel Spetner shlita.
Approbations :

"an encyclopedia of relevant sources dealing with virtually every aspect of the Shesh Mitzvos… It is my wish and tefillah that this work will reach the minds of hearts of so many Jews…"
Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits

"a masterpiece; a magnum opus encompassing every aspect of this important subject. It is undoubtedly the most comprehensive and thought provoking work on this topic that I have ever seen."

Rabbi Avrohom Chaim Feuer

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