Chidush Kamoni Lo Haya BaOlam [Paperback]

By: Aryeh Kaplan
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Chidush Kamoni Lo Haya BaOlam [Paperback]
The life and world of Rebbi Nachman MiBreslov
By: HaRav Aryeh Kaplan

Product Description
In his 38 years of life, Rabbi Nachman of Breslov became the most mysterious, most exciting, and most famous figure, and probably the most objectionable in Jewish history.
Every year, hundreds of thousands flock to his grave in Ukraine with a heart full of longing and admiration for his teachings. Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan (see the front wing of the cover) beautifully articulated and expertly examined the lifestyle of Rabbi Nachman and followed his footsteps. Thanks to his work, the reader gets a clear picture of the events of his life and his surroundings, opening up a glimpse into his vast inner world.

Language: Hebrew
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 350

Hidush Kamoni Lo Haya B'olam (Hebrew Edition)

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