Chaim Zalman and His Best Friend Kalman [Hardcover]

Brand: Israel Book Shop
By: Chaya Fuchs, Rikki Benenfeld
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The Power of Our Words

Chaim Zalman and Kalman were as close as two friends could be,
Until something happened last Tuesday at three...

In this charming and adorably illustrated story, readers will see the powerful effects of the words we say. When we fail to be dan l'kaf zechus and engage in lashon hara and rechilus, people's feelings could be hurt terribly, and a once-beautiful and close friendship could unfortunately become ruined...

These concepts are clearly and age-appropriately portrayed in Chaim Zalman and His Best Friend Kalman. A true winner of a book, with a Torah-true message to match!

Binding: Hardcover
Size: 7.5" x 9.5"
Pages: 26
Publisher: Israel Bookshop Publications
ISBN: 978-160091-888-9

Chaim Zalman and His Best Friend Kalman [Hardcover]
By: Chaya Fuchs
Illustrated by: Rikki Benenfeld

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