Bug Checker™ MAX PRO 12" x 9"

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One of the biggest challenges in a kosher kitchen is preparing bug-free leafy green lettuce and fresh herbs to serve as part of your healthy, delicious meals. Depending on where you live, grains and rice can present the same challenge.

BUG CHECKER MAX PRO is IPX6 water resistant by US standards which means it’s protected against high pressure water stream from any angle. Now you can safely, efficiently and comfortably ensure your vegetables are bug-free from the convenience of your home using the BUG CHECKER MAX PRO with wet cheesecloths and thrip cloths with US IPX 6 water resistance.

The Bug Checker™ MAX PRO have LED light that give you brightest light for checking bugs. The light shines through leaves but not bugs, and now it’s also water resistant – IPX6 water safety. BUG CHECKER MAX PRO Light Board is designed and manufactured with the latest LED lighting technology. It is water resistant rated at the IPX6 level by USA standards.

The Bug Checker™ MAX PRO makes is easy to check a variety of fresh produce such as lettuces, herbs and other leafy vegetables. Now you can go back to the produce section of your local grocer and benefit from all the wonderful flavors and nutrients that only fresh veggies can offer.

Healthier Food: Eating vegetables is crucial for your health as they contain essential nutrients like vitamins A and C, fiber, folate, and potassium. Use Bug Checker MAX PRO to easily discover quality vegetables in your local supermarket, elevate your dinner, and save money for your family.

Bright, even light to check produce properly
Slim profile for easy storage
Includes universal power adapter (100-240V)
Can be used internationally with plug-adapter (not included)
LED lights rated for up to 13,000 hours
IPX6 Water resistant, safety certified made for use with WET Thrip Cloths, Cheese Cloths, Fruits and Vegetables

To Clean the BUG CHECKER MAX PRO simply wipe with wet Thrip Cloths or Cheese Cloths.

DO NOT immerse your BUG CHECKER MAX PRO in water
DO NOT put your BUG CHECKER MAX PRO in a dishwasher
DO NOT use your BUG CHECKER MAX PRO as a cutting board
Keep away from heat, such as stove top. Product may be damaged from heat.

Approved by HaRav Yisroel Belsky Shlit’a:
RE: The small “light board” invented (by HaRav Shmuel Veffer) makes it easier for those people checking vegetables so that they don’t require a large, heavy photographic light box which has been commonly used until now – it is a good substitute and an aid for private home owners to use in the kitchen exactly like the large version. From now on, everyone can check for bugs appropriately according to halachic requirements and save themselves from the serious transgression of “tolaim.”

8 Nisan 5767
Yisroel HaLevi Belsky

Light Area Dimension:
Width: 12"/30.5 cm
Length: 9" / 22.80 cm

Bug Checker™ MAX PRO 12" x 9"

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