Bridging the Gap [Paperback]

By: Rony Dayan
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The Jewish faith has been handed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. But today more than ever, it can't be taken for granted that everyone in a family, or even a couple, shares the same views on religion. We used to have a freewheeling lifestyle together. Now she's going to Torah lectures and lighting candles every Friday before sunset. I don't know what's gotten into her, Is Our marriage

I raised my son in the beautiful traditions of Judaism. Lately, he's been drifting away from
Jewish observance. I'm heartbroken and angry, and I wonder where I went wrong.

My parents gave me a secular upbringing. Now I'm a teenager, and suddenly they've turned Orthodox and they're trying to change the whole family's lifestyle. Why should I be dragged into this?

Ever since I started putting on tefillin and saying the Shema every morning, my wife looks worried and scared. How can I reassure her that this isn't a catastrophe?

My parents are having a hard time understanding my religious needs. I try to explain to them how to make their kitchen kosher so I can eat at their house, and they think I'm trying to force my ways on them. What should I do?

My daughter has become entranced with what she calls"the Torah way of life. That's fine and dandy, but what about her career prospects? What's going to become of her?

If this sounds like you or someone you know, Bridging the Gap offers hope and help. Rony Dayan will show you not only how to view the situation from the healthiest perspective, but also how to navigate it to reach mutual understanding, harmony and love.

There's no need for families to break up when religious views diverge - and in fact, the situation can even be an opportunity to strengthen family ties. When we bridge the gap through empathy, understanding, and faith, we bring our family to Judaism's greatest goal: peace.

Rony Dayan is a partner and director at Banco Daycova in Brazil. He earned a degree in business administration at the Getulio Vargas Institute (FGV) in Sao Paulo. At the age of 20, while advancing in his professional life, he began to delve more deeply into Jewish knowledge. He is the author of several books dealing with behavior, faith, reason, and relationships and has helped hundreds of couples and families overcome their differences and strengthen their bond.

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 232

Bridging the Gap [Paperback]
Strengthening Family Ties When Religious Views Diverge
By: Rony Dayan

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