Baruch Naftel The Album CD

By: Baruch Naftel, Hillel Kapnick
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Baruch Naftel The Album CD

Product Description

1. Mai Mai Mai
2. Emes V'Simcha
3. Kedoshim (featuring Yoily Polatseck)
4. Malkeinu
5. Bashefer (featuring Shragie Gobioff)
6. Viyhi Noam (featuring Hillel Kapnick)
7. Mi Chamocha (featuring Aryeh Kunstler)
8. Naaseh V'nishma
9. Dvei (featuring Nati Broyde)
10. Besoros Tovos
11. Niggun Hachayim (featuring Nati Broyde, Shragie Gobioff & Hillel Kapnick)
12. Bezras Hashem 2.0 (featuring Nati Broyde)
13. Dagul Mervava
14. Yaaleh V'Yavo

Baruch Naftel started off his singing career as a child soloist in his Yeshiva Choir. Over the last number of years, Baruch has performed at many Weddings and Concerts, and as a Baal Tefilah for the Yomim Noraim, all across the country and abroad.

On his musical journey, Baruch has released many successful singles, has recorded as a choir member on projects for singers such as Benny Friedman and Michoel Pruzansky , and been sought out as a producer on many musical projects. He was even a member of the amazing 40 man choir that backed up Yaakov Shwekey at the 30th Hasc Concert which took place in New York at the Lincoln Center for the performing arts. In addition, Baruch has been a featured vocalist on many other albums currently available digitally and in stores.

Many fans have been anxiously waiting for the release of more new music. The wait is finally over and Baruchs debut album is available now! Get your copy of “The Album” today!

This Album produced by Hillel Kapnick and Arranged by Aryeh Kunstler features 14 amazing tracks that include compositions by Elimelech Blumstein, Avi Kula, Tzali Stern, Yoni Korbman, & Baruch himself, and features collaborations with other talented vocalists such as Yoily Polatseck, Aryeh Kunstler, Nati Broyde, Hillel Kapnick, Shragie Gobioff, and many more!

Choirs throughout the album include the world renowned Zemiros Choir, Shir V’Shevach Boys Choir, & Mezamrim Choir.

From EDM, to Soulful Ballads, Freilach Songs to Hartzige Nigunim, (and even a dash of Country), this Album has the perfect blend of compositions and arrangements for everyone to enjoy!

Special Thanks to Yossi Zweig for the beautiful artwork!

Distributed by MRM Music

Format: CD
Release date: Aug 27, 2019

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