A Daily Dose Of Torah Series 1 Volume 14 The Festivals and Days of Awe [Hardcover]

Brand: ArtScroll Publications
By: Yosaif Asher Weiss
Product ID: 9781422601532
This item is part of Daily Dose of Torah Series.
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A Daily Dose Of Torah Series 1 Volume 14 The Festivals and Days of Awe [Hardcover]
By: Rabbi Yosaif Asher Weiss

Product Description
This volume of the popular Daily Dose series focuses on the Three Festivals and the Days of Awe. Since there is no parashah of the week to use as a basis for study, the themes of the daily Torah, mussar, siddur, and halachah sections center on either the Festivals and their laws, or the Torah readings of those days.

The Daily Dose Festivals Edition will provide years of meaningful Divrei Torah around your Yom Tov table.

For people on the go. For people who make their minutes count. For people who want the stimulation of classic Torah sources every single day. Even if you have a regular learning program, A Daily Dose will add more learning and excitement to your day - every day!

Each day's learning program includes:
A Torah Thought for the Day
Mishnah of the Day
Gems from the Gemara
A Mussar Thought for the Day
Halachah of the Day
A Closer Look at the Siddur
Question for the Day
Taste of Lomdus (once a week)
All in 18 minutes a day!

Binding: Hardcover
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Published: by ArtScroll / Mesorah
ISBN-10: 1422601536
ISBN-13: 9781422601532

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