24Six Solo2 MP3 Player Music Only Blue

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Introducing Solo2
Solo2 is built on the incredible Solo experience, but totally reimagined.
Important Information:
24Six Solo2 requires but does not include a subscription to 24Six. 24Six Solo still requires a 24Six subscription.

Solo2 is the best way to listen to Jewish Music, Children's Stories Torah Shiurim, and is always adding new content!

Solo2 contains 64GB memory, giving you plenty of room to download tens of thousands of songs and thousands of shiurim and stories! (total songs saved varies based on length of songs and shiurim downloaded).

Solo2 has a brand new 3GB RAM processor, making it 50% faster than the original Solo!

Solo2 is available in several stunning colors!

Solo2 works with all Bluetooth devices, including Apple AirPod Pros!

Solo2 is an easy to use, incredible music experience. Stay up to date with new releases, create your own playlists, listen to your favorite songs, artists, and albums, enjoy children’s stories, search for your favorites and so much more!

And of course, you can download the music, stories and shiurim you love to Solo2 and take it with you wherever you go!

The Solo2 Music Mp3 Player was completely customized to maximize the Mp3 players’ screen size and portability. With another brand new, easy to use navigation and familiar feel, Solo2 makes it even easier to enjoy the music you love, and discover music you never knew you wanted!

Solo2 is a completely secure Mp3 Player with nothing else on it except for 24Six Solo. Solo is not a smart device. It is a music only Mp3 player. There is no homescreen, no apps, no MicroSD Card Slot. You can use Solo with complete confidence that all the content is 100% secure, vetted and approved kosher Jewish Music. Solo is a smaller, regular sized Mp3 player.

To use Solo2, you must first create your 24Six account and set up your profiles and filters online, and then login to Solo to enjoy. Again, to use Solo, the account holder must create the accounts, profiles and filters online at www.24Six.app.

Solo is programmed to connect only to the 24Six Music platform. It has no video playing capability, and it does not connect to the 24Six Podcast section. To use Solo, you must connect to Wi-Fi to stream or download your music, and you must reconnect once a month, per the 24Six Offline Listening terms of service. 24Six Music instantly updates with the newest releases, curated playlists and more.

24Six is the #1 Jewish Music streaming service in the world, and we are committed to providing you and your family with incredible entertainment, a first-class experience, in the safest way possible.

24Six Changes Everything. Again.

All account creation, profile creation and filters for 24Six Solo2 must be done on the website, by logging in to your account on www.24Six.app. Due to the small screen size, there is no account or profile management on the Solo itself.

All Sales are final. No Refunds, Returns or Exchanges. Tech support is only available thru the 24six website and is not available thru the store or site you purchased it from.

24Six Solo2 MP3 Player Music Only Blue
Jewish Music, Children's Stories and Torah Shiurim

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