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What Could You Say To Make A Great Day? [Hardcover]

By Ahuva Genish

Product ID: 9781680253894

Brand: Feldheim Publishers

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What Could You Say To Make A Great Day? [Hardcover]
An Interactive Book About Positive Thinking
By: Ahuva Genish

Product Description
Ahuva Genish is back with the fourth in her highly successful series of interactive children’s books!

Simchy and Shlily are the cutest of brothers, Identical twins who look just like each other. You’d think you might mix up which twins name to call. But that doesn’t happen - no, never at all!

What Could You Say to Make a Great Day? is a rhyming story cleverly designed to help kids view situations in a positive light. Follow Simchy and Shlily as they experience the very same outing in a completely different way from one another. Help Shlily as he "reframes" and comes to realize that he, too, could be cheerful and happy. Join the fun, as your child builds his positive-thinking skills and learns to be same’ach b’chelko and to view situations b’ayin tovah - in an optimistic light!

More Information
Dimensions 12.5 x 8.5
ISBN 9781680253894
Illustrator Tirtsa Pelleg
Publisher Feldheim Publishers
Number of pages 45
Weight 1.3370 lbs.
Binding: Hardcover

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What Could You Say To Make A Great Day? [Hardcover]
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