Trial and Error Comic Story [Hardcover]

Brand: Chazak Entertainment
By: Mendel Hershkowitz, Dan Bar Lev
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In the dingy basement of a high-security prison, R' Shmuel pours out his broken heart to Hashem. "Why am I trapped in this miserable place?!" he cries. "I am innocent! A group of criminals framed me! Ribono shel Olam, save me from their evil plans!"

In this suspenseful account we meet R' Shmuel confidently standing at the helm of his successful whiskey brewery. His loyal customers know that R' Shmuel makes the best whiskey in town. His profits allow him to live comfortably ... but not for long.

R' Shmuel is completely unaware that thieves are stealing his whiskey. When the plot is revealed and the thieves are caught, the innocent R' Shmuel is thrown into prison!

How can he prove his innocence despite the false testimony? Will he ever reunite with his family? Will he regain the security that was so cruelly ripped away from him?

Turn the page to join R' Shmuel on his dramatic journey!

Binding: Hardcover
Size: 8.5" x 12"
Pages: 74
Language: English
Publisher: Shai Publishing

Trial and Error Comic Story [Hardcover]
By: R' Mendel Hershkowitz
Illustrated by: Dan Bar-Lev

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